Bonsai’s documentation#

Bonsai is an LDAP module for Python 3, using OpenLDAP’s libldap2 library on Linux, and the WinLDAP library on Microsoft Windows to handle communications with LDAP capable directory servers. The module main goal is to give a simple way to use the LDAP protocol as pythonic as it can be.


The module is compatible only with Python 3.7 or newer releases.


  • Uses LDAP libraries (OpenLDAP and WinLDAP) written in C for faster processing.

  • Simple pythonic design.

  • Implements an own dictionary-like object for mapping LDAP entries that makes easier to add and modify them.

  • Works with various asynchronous library (like asyncio, gevent).



Any contributions are welcome. If you would like to help in development fork or report issue on the project’s GitHub site. You can also help in improving the documentation.

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